Perfect Fuel Chocolate; Marketing Intern Spring 2012


Business type: Private, for-profit LLC. Location: Office in downtown Boston/Fort Point

Perfect Fuel Chocolate is a healthy product line of pure chocolate products. Naturally high in antioxidants, dark chocolate is made with cacao, a super-food, with proven ingredients for heart health, skin health, circulation, and even mood improvement. By sourcing organic cacao, eliminating unhealthy additives, and incorporating only natural performance enhancing ingredients, we are making the healthiest chocolate available: Perfect Fuel.

Benefits of being a Perfect Fuel Intern: Learn about business first-hand in an exciting, funded startup in its first year. Develop your network. Learn new skills and test knowledge learned in an academic setting. Work with cool, experienced professionals: Seasoned serial entrepreneur – Nicolás Warren, Babson MBA – Miles Masci.
Get faster and fitter while eating more chocolate.


Responsibilities including, but not limited to: community development, business development, product development, in-store sampling and consumer data analysis, branding, event participation, office administration and operations, website content management, social media.

Other Information:

Term: Spring 2012
Time commitment: Part time opportunities available- 20+ hrs per week
Unpaid Internships

About you: Do you take pride in where you work? Are you unstoppable? Invincible? Do you get things done? Are you smart, well-spoken, active, generally a nice person, and well respected? Competitive? Driven, brave, and independent? Do you strive for and achieve greatness? Enjoy chocolate? Want to improve yourself and the world around you? Be successful? We have a respectable challenge for you.

How to Apply: Email resume and cover letter to
Nicolas Warren
Chief Chocothlete
617-870-FUEL (3835)


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