Business Development Internship @ Mass Challenge

MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup accelerator and competition, and the first to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached.

The Role: Business Development Intern

The Business Development intern reports to the Director of Partnerships at MassChallenge and the Manager of Business Development. Other duties will include administrative tasks, and assisting the associates and executive team as needed. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending networking events related to entrepreneurship and innovation to identify potential partners and sponsors.
  • Research:  Researching and identifying potential sponsorship opportunities.
  • Content:  Generating content for partnership proposals.
  • Communication:  Communicating among existing, potential, and new sponsors.
  • Buzz:  Helping generate buzz and new partners related to expansion opportunities.

Who You Are

  • Communicator:  Strong communicator and detail-oriented writer: You will be sending a lot of important emails and making important phone calls to partners and collaborators so a professional demeanor is essential.
  • Execution oriented: You need to understand how to prioritize to fully execute on your task list with the minimal outlay of human and physical resources.
  • Well Versed With Technology: Being well versed with the technology we employ would be a plus. We use: Macs, PCs, Microsoft Office, Smartsheet, Constant Contact, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Grasshopper, Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Documents, etc.), Liquid Space, Salesforce, PayPal, Survey Monkey, and Eventbrite.   You must be comfortable with technology.
  • Thrive on This Opportunity: You are someone who will thrive on being at the center of this entrepreneurial universe. You are someone who wants to play a key role in the amazing organization that is MassChallenge. You are someone who is super excited about the mission of MassChallenge to help entrepreneurs win.
  • Clear Expectations of Working in a Startup: We too are a startup, with this being only the end of our third year. You need to be someone who has a clear understanding of what working in a start up means: little structure; flat organization; on-the-job-learning (mentorship by doing); shifting priorities; and very few resources. In other words, you need to be resourceful and at cause.
  • Fundraising Experience: You will need to describe how you have personally have helped sell sponsorships in the past for either events or general support. Please indicate the amounts of sponsorships and the types of individuals/companies you were targeting.
  • Committed:  You need to be prepared to commit a minimum of four days and 30 hours per week.  40 hours per week is highly preferred.

How To Apply

If you are a good match for what we need -– and if the fast paced environment of MassChallenge appeals to you -– please apply at   Please attach two things:  1.  Your resume.  2.  A short cover letter that specifically covers these four points:

  • Match:  Why are you a good match for the position?
  • Pace:   Why does the pace/mission of MassChallenge appeal to you?
  • Unique Quality:  What do you consider to be a unique quality you possess that would add value to the MassChallenge team?
  • Startup Community References:  List two people are in the startup community and who know your work.

Note: This is not a sales position and it is important that you can demonstrate the ability to create new partner relationship and provide value for them.

Thank you for your interest in MassChallenge!


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