Waverley Knobs Entertainment PR/Marketing Internship

Waverley Knobs Entertainment (WKE) is looking for the few, the brave, the artistically business savvy!
What revitalizes you? What makes you leap out of bed each morning, motivated and ready to take on the world?
What allows you to be the very best version of you?
For us, it’s film. We are energized by this visual medium, and we strive to bring that same zest to your life, through and within the productions we create. Our focus on rich story-lines and transfixing visuals will fully immerse audiences in the stories we tell. We collaborate with writers, directors, producers, actors, and so many others from artistically diverse backgrounds to showcase captivating concepts and styles that will continue to progress the realm of entertainment and film.
Open the door. Branch out. Experience life.
– — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – –
Tatiana Ivan: Co-Founder, Cinematographer, and Editor
Evin Anderson: Co-Founder, Director, and Writer
YOU: PR/Marketing intern!
As the WKE PR/Marketing intern, you will assist us in achieving the PR/Marketing goals listed below:
  1. raise general awareness of the company
  2. increase followers of the company through social media accounts (current active sites: Facebook / Pinterest / Tumblr / Vine / Website / Vimeo / Youtube)
  3. increase view-ability of promo videos for recent short film and for recent music video (this includes views on existing sites as well as expanded distribution of our videos)
  4. create long-term PR/Marketing plan for future of company and for next projects
The specific responsibilities of this position involves:
  • assist in content creation for news updates
  • updating website at least 2x per week (or whatever you would recommend)
  • updating social media at least 1x per day
  • reaching out to prospective sources for publicity
  • if possible, adding additional ways to promote the company
  • finding ways to grow social media following (huge plus!)
  • sharing ideas and concepts on how to improve specific WKE information sources and promotional formats
This position, and your responsibilities, can grow and evolve based on your own goals and experience.
This internship requires telecommuting alongside 2 in-person/face-to-face meetings per week. The intern is expected to be working the equivalent of 8 to 14 hours a week. Schedule is flexible.
This is an unpaid internship but we are willing to work with institutions to offer academic credit. Additionally, dependent on your marketing skills, this position could result in a percentage based of off new business contracts.
To be considered, please e-mail a copy of your resume with a cover letter to: here@waverleyknobs.com. Use the subject: WKE Internship (PR/MKT)

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