1. Who attends this event?

Bridging the Gap appeals to everyone who has ever wondered about how social media affects business strategy and how successful organizations use digital applications to enhance their marketing activities. Conference-goers include social media gurus, digital dabblers, and interactive media rookies who are eager to learn more about digital marketing. Regardless of your level of expertise, everyone can benefit from the varied perspectives and insightful discussions that flourish at Bridging the Gap.

2. What is the dress code?

Business Casual: You should wear clothes that are more relaxed than formal business attire, but still polished, professional, and pulled together. Attendees should dress to look smart and sophisticated, while also remaining comfortable! Jeans are acceptable if they are dressed up with more formal pieces such as a button down, sweater, or blazer. The room temperature might be unpredictable, so dressing in layers might be a good idea.

3. Can I bring my smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.?

Bring them and use ‘em! We encourage live tweeting, Facebook posting, and citizen journalism. We created the #btg12 hashtag as a place to have real-time discussions during the conference. Even if you don’t use Twitter, you should make an account before the conference and follow along on our hashtag because this is a great opportunity for a crash course!

*Please note that you should still switch your phone to silent mode so that incoming calls/texts aren’t a distraction.

4. Should I bring anything else?

While it isn’t necessary, having plenty of business cards to give away might be helpful as you will be meeting new people during lunchtime and the informal networking session immediately following the conference. You can hand out resumes if you like, but it might be easier to obtain your new acquaintance’s business card/Twitter handle/LinkedIn profile/email address and reconnect after the conference.

5. What if I have to cancel?

Bridging the Gap is a free conference with limited seating, so if you won’t be able to make it, we strongly encourage you to email us in advance so that your ticket can be given to someone on the waitlist.

6. Help, I am still confused about Bridging the Gap!

Email us at dept_marketing@suffolk.edu with your questions and we will answer you directly.




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